Get More Out Of Your Day With These Five Simple Tips

News| 5th September 2021
Get More Out Of Your Day With These Five Simple Tips
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Kondo’d all your cupboards? Floors already sparkling? Leave the mop and bucket; this spring it’s time to clean up your personal daily habits. 

From the way you start your day, right though to your wind down in the evening, this guide will help you organise your time so that you can stay on top of things – stress free.

Give yourself time to enjoy the morning

Before you go to bed, make sure you have allowed yourself enough time the next morning to start your day right. Rather than snoozing the alarm 10 times, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual to savour the things that you find joy in.

For example, you might allow 15 minutes for a morning yoga flow, or an extra five minutes to truly enjoy your coffee instead of drinking it on the go. These small steps can put you in the right headspace before stepping out the door. 

Freshen up your workspace to boost productivity

In the same way you get yourself ready each day, make sure your workspace is prepped as well. Arrange your home office, desk or work area so that it’s ordered, tidy and promotes a productive environment. 

Rearranging items into piles or drawers, clearing and wiping down surfaces and even filling a vase with fresh flowers nearby can help you feel more confident and motivated for the day ahead.  

If you’re not loving your office space, give your desk a personal touch with picture frames, pen holders, a new mouse pad and a chic lamp upgrade.

Eat smart early in the day to dodge energy crashes later

High sugar meals and snacks tend to give you a quick burst of energy that will fizzle out within a couple of hours, leaving you weary and reaching for more. Lower GI foods like eggs, fish, bananas, avocadoes, Greek yoghurt, brown rice and grains can provide a longer-lasting energy boost. 

Each night, prepare yourself an energy-rich snack to indulge in for morning tea. This could be a nutritious mini poké bowl or bite-sized fruit salad. When you start feeling peckish after brekkie, reach for your healthy pre-prepared snack, not those sugary things! Swing by Woolworths to stock up your fridge and pantry.

Give yourself an occasional break to avoid hitting the wall 

At the start of the day, plan out when you’ll be taking a break to combat any potential productivity failure. For example, try placing time aside at 11am for a walk around the block, stop at 12.30pm to eat lunch outside while listening to music, or have a quick stretch at 3pm between meetings or errands. 

You don’t need to implement all of these breaks but adding just one to your day will help you feel re-energised enough to tackle any tasks left on your list! 

End your day with a digital detox

It can be tempting to reach for your phone when you settle in for the evening. Do yourself a favour and switch off from tech when you head to bed. This will avoid any bursts of unwanted stress caused by news stories or work emails and will mean you don’t lose any precious time down a social media rabbit hole. 

The bright lights of a phone could also keep you awake longer. Instead, pick up a book Collins Booksellers and ease yourself to sleep sooner. If you don’t think you can resist your phone, try putting it in another room before you go to sleep and instead invest in a good old-fashioned alarm clock, available at MyHouse.

Is there something you do to hit refresh on your own routine? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook and using the hashtag #ResetAndReboot.

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