Centre Services

Armidale Central makes your shopping experience complete by providing a host of facilities and services to ensure your shopping experience is enjoyable.


NEXT ATM is located at the top of the travelator.

Baby Care Room

Armidale Central offers a clean, quiet 'Baby Care Room' with change tables, private feeding areas and amenities to make shopping with your baby easier. The Baby Care Room is located in the amenities corridor between Just Jeans and Prouds The Jeweller.

Community Support Opportunities

Armidale Central gives local charities and community groups the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for their cause by hosting a display stand within our Centre.

To find out more about how your organisation can benefit, please call 02 6772 3661 or email info@armidalecentral.com.au

Disabled Care

Wheelchairs are available for free hire, however bookings are necessary please call (02) 6772 3661. All major entry and exits have Disabled Parking Spaces allocated.


Armidale Central has a lift available which is situated near the Jessie Street stairs. The lift is recommended for anyone who has a pram, walking sticks, wheel chairs, mobility devices or trolleys that are overloaded with shopping.


Armidale Central has a travelator that is available to all shoppers, however if you need assistance with mobility then it is recommended that the Lift be used. If your trolley is heavy and or overfull then we would suggest that the Lift would be a better option. Please ensure that you have suitable footwear and hold the handrail when using the Travelator.

Disabled Toilets

Disabled Toilets are located in the amenities corridor between Just Jeans and Prouds The Jeweller, near Centre Management.

Centre Management

Centre Management is located in the amenities corridor between Just Jeans and Prouds The Jeweller and is open between 9.00am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday.

Our friendly Centre Management team can assist you with the following services to make your shopping experience enjoyable:

  • Store Locations and Directions
  • Lost & Found Items
  • Wheelchair Bookings

Centre Manager: Anthony Wilson

Retail Manager: Amanda Frost

Marketing Manager: Donna Godwin

Operations Manager: Asaad Ibrraheem

Casual Leasing Manager: Kim Crosbie

Office Admin: Karen Sherriff

Contact Details

Email: info@armidalecentral.com.au

Ph. (02) 6772 3661

Fax. (02) 6771 5019

or complete the Contact Us form here.